Dear Parishioners: Let’s get it over right now. It was a lousy game last Sunday and the better team won.  Now we root for URI and PC Basketball and get ready for the Red Sox pitchers and catchers to report to Spring Training on February 15th!

This Sunday we kickoff Catholic Schools Week, a national event, at OLM.  Our own Fr. s School, Bishop  Hendricken High School and  Boston College, is preaching at all the Masses on the importance of our Catholic Schools. Also this Sunday our parish school is hosting an Open House from 11:30AM until 2:00PM.  The Open House is for everyone, parishioners and non-parishioners who are interested in sending their children to OLM School and even for those who don’t have school aged children but simply want to see and  support our wonderful 13-14_CSW_Logo_Circle_RGBschool.  Stop by and take a look at all the good things going on across the street from Church! The theme for the Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.”

It encompasses several concepts that are at the heart of a Catholic Education. First, schools are communities—small families but also members of the larger community of home, church, city and nation. Faith, knowledge and service are three measures by which any Catholic school can and should be judged.  National studies indicate that parents choose Catholic  Education for their children for three important reasons: higher academic achievement of Catholic school students, a safe and  nurturing but disciplined learning environment and a truly  comprehensive education  including Catholic faith and strong moral values.

At  OLM School our  Principal, Sister Jeanne, along with the very committed faculty provide the leadership needed for such academic excellence and strong Catholic values to thrive.  In my short time here at OLM I have observed first hand the great things taking place at OLM School.  Fr. Connors and I work with Sister and the faculty to deepen the Catholicity of our school.   OLM School is not perfect but what school is?OLM School

However, OLM School is  a great place for our children to learn, pray, play and develop as future leaders of our world. OLM School has alumni in every walk of life and many who are making a great difference in the community and Church on a daily basis.  There are alumni studying at Harvard and others at Medical School, there are alumni leading successful careers in  business and law, and still others serving as Religious, Priests and some studying for the priesthood.  I am convinced that it was the  excellent academics and strong  Catholic  values at OLM School that provided the foundation of their success in life.

One of the great burdens of Catholic Education today is the cost.  OLM School has an annual budget of about $2.5 million.  Running a school is expensive and the costs of utilities, insurance,  and healthcare can be high.  In fact, we pay over $25,000 a month to cover the cost of healthcare.  Our tuition is affordable for some families but many  others make a tremendous  sacrifice to provide such a quality Catholic Education for their  children.  We have tried to move away from a direct subsidy of the school in an effort to provide  actual tuition assistance for those who need it most.  This year we provided $75,000 in tuition class Parish OLMeducation, strong Catholic values and a caring community.  Tuition assistance is available for those OLM Parishioners who need  support in making such a loving sacrifice for their children.  Celebrate Catholic Schools Week this week! Pray for the continued success of our school.  Pray for our administration,  faculty, students and families!  Pray for our alumni and  benefactors!  Join us for the Open House and for  Catholic Schools Week Mass on Friday at 9:00AM.  Celebrate faith, knowledgw and service! God Bless. Go OLM!!!