Dear Parishioners: We had two great celebrations this week on St. s Day.  I am grateful to Fr. Nick Smith and Fr. Joe Upton who served as the homilists for the Masses. The music at the Mass was truly terrific and the great food following each Mass added to the festivities.  May St. Patrick and St. Joseph guide and protect each of us and our parish!

We also had a great start to the Catholic Charity Appeal last weekend.  I am grateful to Kevin McDevitt who spoke at all the Masses for his able leadership of the Appeal at OLM.  Nearly two hundred families supported the Appeal last weekend and over $55,000 was pledged.  In the name of the poor and needy who benefit from the Catholic Charity Appeal, I thank you for your tremendous support. We are asking every parish family to prayerfully consider a pledge of $250 to the Catholic Charity Appeal.  If you have not yet pledged, envelopes are still available in Church and can be returned in the collection basket at Mass.  Any gift you can give in support of this very worthwhile charity is greatly appreciated.  I know $259 might be a lot for some parishioners but also there are others who might be able to afford to pledge much more.ccalogo_faith_good_works

s Partners in Charity and are able to pledge support of $1,000 or more.  I am grateful to Steve and Antonia Zubiago who Chair the BPC here at OLM.  If you are able to pledge at his level please know that it is appreciated.   After one Mass last week one parishioner asked me if I pledged to the Catholic Charity Appeal.  In fact, I do and so do all the priests and bishops of the Diocese.   Last year the Priests of Providence personally donated over $270,000 to the Catholic Charity Appeal.  When this t be able to preach the Good News to the poor and needy as effectively as we do.  So please consider pledging your support today!

General of the Archdiocese of Louisville and Pastor of Holy Trinity Church.  Father Spalding and I studied together for the priesthood at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.  He is a great preacher and I am grateful he was able to take time out of his busy schedule of running the Archdiocese and a very large parish to be with us. I hope you can attend all or part of the Mission this week.   It begins this weekend at all Masses with a Mission Talk each night at 7:00PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Father Spalding is also preaching at the 12:05PM Mass on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Each night there will be four priests available for Confession beginning at 6:00PM.  The Mission concludes on Wednesday night at 7:00PM with Eucharistic Adoration, a Mission Talk and Benediction. Limpias-Crucifix

The Mission is a great way of renewing our faith and refocusing our lives upon Christ.  During this Lenten Season, we are called to reject sin and believe in the Gospel.  It is a great way to refresh our devotion to the Gospel.  So I urge you to take part in the Mission this week and  pray for its success. May it renew our faith, deepen our commitment to Christ and strengthen our resolve to lead lives of holiness.  Our own Fr. Connors is leading a Lenten Mission this week at St. Joseph’s Church in Woonsocket, so please pray for him and the people of that parish.  How is your Lent going? Have you kept your fast? Have you prayed more? Have you gone to Confession? Have been more generous to the poor? Keep Lent going, don’t give up!  Remember Fridays are for fish and Stations of the Cross.  See you at the Mission