Dear Parishioners: “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!” We rejoice as 80 children receive Holy Communion for the very first time in their lives this weekend. On Saturday we celebrated two First Communion Masses, one for OLM School students pope-francis-kids-childrenand the other for OLM Religious Education students. It is always a joyful celebration when our parish marks such a special day in the life of these children and our parish. They are the future of our parish and Church and we rejoice as they receive the Eucharistic Lord. Congratulations to them all! Last May Pope Francis spoke to a large group of Italian school children who had recently made their Frist Holy Communion. He told the children: “The Eucharist is such a great gift. That's why going to Mass is so important. Going to Mass not just to pray, but to receive Communion, the Bread and Body of Christ. It saves us, forgives us and it makes us one with the Father. How beautiful!

On Sunday these children come to the 10:30AM Mass to make their “second” Communion and to crown the Blessed Virgin Mary. This beautiful ceremony that honors our Blessed Mother May Crowning jpgas the Queen of the May and Queen of Heaven and Earth is made all the more special as it occurs on Mother’s Day. We turn to the Mother of God and the Church to intercede for us and for all Mothers on their special day. We offer a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers of Our Lady ofBaby and mother Mercy.

Pope Francis recently recalled his own upbringing as one of five children, and spoke of how much work and how many problems, but also how much happiness and joy, come with motherhood. In speaking about Mothers Pope Francis noted: “Mothers are the strongest antidote to the spread of selfish individualism. A world without mothers would be inhumane because mothers always know how to give witness — even in the worst of times — to tenderness, dedication, and moral strength. Being a mother does not mean just bringing a child into the world, but it is also a life choice. What does a mother choose? It is the choice to give life, and this is great, this is beautiful.” How right the Holy Father’s words of wisdom truly are! Happy Mother’s Day!

On Thursday OLM School is to celebrate the First Annual Grandparents’ Day Celebration. The children of the school have invited their grandparents to join them for Mass and a celebration in school following. We are looking forward to welcoming the many grandparents of our 375 Awesome-Grandparents-Daystudents to OLM! Some of them are coming from great distances to be with us for the special day. Thursday we also celebrate the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord, a holy day of obligation for all Catholics. K123741

All of these grandparents along with their families and our OLM students join us for the Ascension Day Mas at 9:00AM. Therefore, we have added a 12:05PM Holy Day Mass for our parishioners because we expect a full Church for the 9:00AM Mass with our many guests. We have also scheduled the usual Holyday Vigil Mass on Wednesday night at 5:00PM and Masses on Ascension Thursday at 7:30AM and 7:00PM. Certainly their is ample opportunity to get to Mass for the Holyday at OLM. So please join us in celebrating this special feast and Holyday!

capitol_building_tulipsOn Friday our OLM Middle School students leave for their trip to Washington, DC. Fr. Connors, Principal Fuller, a few teachers and parents are accompanying the students as they explore and learn about the nation’s capitol. They are to tour the US Capitol, US Supreme Court, and White House. These tours are offered along with some educational sessions. In addition, they will make a pilgrimage to the Saint Pope John Paul II Museum run by the Knights of Columbus. We wish them safe travel, good weather and a great time! I offer my sincere thanks to the 417 OLM families that donated to the Catholic Charity Appeal and helped to get us over our parish goal!! In the name of the poor who benefit from your generosity, I offer my gratitude and thanksgiving! Congratulations to our First Communion Class! A Happy Mothers’ Day! See you at May Devotions on Monday at 7:00PM! God Bless.