A Student's Prayer

IMG_3826Dear God, Help me remember that you’re always by my side, at school and all day long.  Help me be the best student I can be, using all the gifts and talents you’ve given me.  Help me study well and often  – especially when I don’t feel like studying at all!IMG_3833 Help me finish all my homework – on time. Help me listen to my teachers and coaches. Help me play fair and play safely. Help me be honest when I’m tempted to cheat. IMG_5199Help me always tell the truth.  Help me be kind to everyone at school and to treat others as I’d want them to treat me. Help me make good friends and help me be a good friend to others. Help me see how I can help others  and to ask for help when I need it myself. Help me love and respect, trust and appreciate my parents - and be honest with them. Help me remember that you’re with me always, Lord,IMG_3832 and that you’ll never leave my side. Amen