Dear Parishioners: 0022If you haven’t been in the Church Sacristy in a while please stop and take a look around. Thanks to the hard work of our OLM Maintenance Team, Paul Anderson and Jeff Franzone, we’ve spruced up the room. Much needed new and efficient lighting was put in, the walls have been repainted, all the woodwork and cabinets refinished, and the bathroom modernized. I am grateful to Paul and Jeff for their hard work in restoring the Sacristy. There are still some finishing touches that remain but it looks great. The Sacristy, if you don’t know, is where we keep the vestments, sacred vessels and altar linens and where the priests vest for Mass. It is now a much brighter place to prepare for Holy Mass.

We welcome Fr. Joe Upton to OLM. He is taking time from his very busy schedule as the Chaplain at both Prout High School and thepompeo-batoni-st-paul-473x593 University of RI to preach our Annual Parish Lenten Mission. Fr. Upton is a very busy young priest and I am truly grateful to him for leading us in our Mission. Fr. Upton is preaching all the weekend Masses and also preaching a Mission Talk each night at 7:00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday night there is to be Exposition of the Eucharist and Benediction. Also each night before the Mission Talk four priests are available for Confession beginning at 6:00pm until 6:45pm. This is a great chancefor our entire parish to make a Mission and take some much needed time in prayer and reflection. It is a time to deepen our faith. I hope you make every effort to attend the Mission as I know it is be a spiritually beneficial time.

Fr J Upton 1I first met Fr. Upton when he was a twelve year old Altar Sever at St. Paul’s Church in Edgewood. He was serving at my First Mass in 1995 and the truth be told had the markings of a fine priest even then! Twenty years later he now is that fine young priest! Fr. Upton has a keen intellect and a tremendous priestly zeal. He is an excellent preacher and I am certain you will enjoy his message at the Mission.

The Annual Catholic Charity Appeal is now underway at OLM. I am grateful to Kevin McDevitt who serves as our Parish CCA Chairman for his leadership and also to Steve Zubiago who Chairs the Bishop’s Partnership in Charity portion for our parish. Their leadership along with your generous financial and spiritual support continue to make the CCA successful here at OLM. As said last weekend, OLM is second only to St. Luke’s Church in Barrington when it comes to supporting the CCA. Last year just 518 OLM parishioners pledged their support in raising over $240,000. In our parish of 2,200, it is clear that we need more parishioners to pledge their support and donate to the CCA. cca_banner_615_284

A large portion of the support the CCA annually receives at OLM is from the Bishop’s Partners in Charity. This is a group who pledge $1,000 or much more. We are blessed to have such generous benefactors who truly understand the Gospel passage: “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more. “

I know not every parishioner is able to give at such a level and so I ask that you prayerfully consider your pledge. We ask each family to consider a $300 pledge. No matter the size, please know every pledge truly matters. As you consider your level of support for the good works of our Church consider the words of St. Paul : “Each must do as already determined, without sadness or compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

On behalf our CCA Chairmen I offer our gratitude to the OLM parishioners who have already pledged their generous support. In the name of the poor, the sick, the suffering and the needy who are directly impacted by such cheerful support, I say thank you. May God bless your charity and generosity. It’s Lent! Remember that Fridays are for fish and Stations! Pray. Fast. Give Alms. Make the Mission! Support the CCA! Be well. Do Good. God Bless.