Dear Parishioners: 0134We had a wonderful celebration of Confirmation last Sunday.  The newly confirmed were well prepared and prayerful, the music was outstanding, the servers were superb, and Bishop Matano offered a great message to the conformandi.   In your name, I thank the many people who helped to make this important day in the life our parish such a great occasion of faith, hope and joy.

We especially thank Mr. Doug Green who so faithfully and ably leads our Confirmation0233 Program and the many good people who help him in this important work.  We also thank OLM Organist and Choir Director, Henri St. Louis, OLM Soloist, Deirdre Donovan and our OLM Choir for their great gift of music.  We must thank the many ushers who helped to see the Mass went so smoothly along with the sacristans, Altar Servers, Reception  and Decorating Committees, and the many other volunteers who helped make it a great occasion.

I would be remiss if we didn’t thank Paul Anderson and the great work by our maintenance staff. They ensured the grounds and the inside of Church was neat and clean.   They also recently finished up the landscaping work around the parish convents.  I hope you notice how nice the new plantings and grass around the Mercy Convent and the Franciscan Convent look.

This also includes a new driveway and walkway the Franciscan Convent, the repair of the driveway at the Mercy Convent, the addition of more parking behind Mercy House in the main parking lot and the addition of a curb on the Convent side of Third Street. They worked hard in completing these projects and we are truly grateful for their dedication to our thany-you-signparish.

We also must thank OLM Parishioner David Lynch and the J.H. Lynch & Sons Company for donating the asphalt and paving of these projects.  Mr. Lynch was most generous, helpful and supportive of the project and we are deeply grateful. Sister Jean, Sister Lourdes and Sister Emma are all delighted with their new and beautiful surroundings.

We also finished enhancing the grounds surrounding Mercy House which houses the OLM Religious Education and Outreach Offices.  We thank you for your generous financial support of these projects through the Annual Collection. Only 300 families have thus far contributed to our Annual Collection.  If you have not yet contributed I urge you to please do so today. We need all OLM families to support the Annual Collection to be truly successful.

all-saintsWe celebrate All Saints Day on Tuesday and it is a holy day of obligation for all Catholics.  Please plan on attending one of the four Masses offered for the holy-day as together we celebrate All the Saints.

On Wednesday we mark All Souls Day as we remember all the faithful departed.  There are three Masseswilliam-adolphe_bouguereau_1825-1905_-_the_day_of_the_dead_1859 so please join us in praying for All Souls.  Next Sunday at the 10:30am Mass we remember our fellow OLM Parishioners who have died this past year.  Their names are listed in this week’s bulletin, please keep them and their families in your prayers. May the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

I encourage you to please read the bulletin insert on Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship. It helps us to better understand which issues to consider when voting.

In faithful-citizenshipparticular, the U.S. bishops stress that “Catholic teaching challenges voters and candidates, citizens and elected officials, to consider the moral and ethical dimensions of public policy issues.” The bishops also remind us that: “Not all issues are equal.”

We must look at various issues of different moral weight and urgency and be mindful that “some involve intrinsically evil acts, which can never befrancis approved,” such as the grave attacks on human life presented by abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

This insert is meant to help guide all of us to better reflect on what we are reading and hearing about issues and candidates. Much of the media  has its  own partisan or secular  agenda.  Being vigilant about the fundamental issues such as the sanctity of all human life is another way we practice fruitful engagement in public life.

On Monday night come pray for the nation at  Devotions. God knows we need it. Be well. Do good. Go Pats! God Bless.