Dear Parishioners: Wow! What a Super Bowl!   I hope you didn't give up on the Patriots on Sunday night.  In the greatest all time comeback victory in NFL history, the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons!  Tom Brady won his fifth ring, his fourth Super Bowl MVP and showed the world he is the GOAT! Greatest of All-Time!    While the NFL Football Season has come to a truly terrific end, let’s no forget that this week catchers and pitchers report to Red Sox Spring Training in Florida!  Let’s hope we are celebrating with the Sox in the World Series in October!  After all, Sunday night proves that anything is possible!

Last week Bishop Tobin issued a statement on President Trump’s recent executive orders on immigration.  The Bishop said:


For many years the Bishops of the United States have promoted immigration reform that is both comprehensive and compassionate. I have consistently and strongly supported that call. President Trump’s recent executive orders about immigrants and refugees do not move us toward that goal. The executive orders were ill-timed and poorly communicated; they caused widespread confusion and division. They have created a damaging pothole on the road to secure refugee resettlement and meaningful immigration reform.


In November, after Mr. Trump was elected, I said the following: ‘I extend my prayerful support for immigrants and refugees who have settled in Rhode Island. The Catholic Church will continue to be a welcoming community, and we will offer material, pastoral and spiritual care to all, especially those in need. May we all work together to promote the common good and encourage a spirit of peace and harmony in our community.’

I repeat those words today, and I again commit the Diocese of Providence to welcoming and working with immigrants and refugees who come to us looking for safety and security, and to make a new beginning for themselves and their families. To do so is an expression of our faith and is fully consistent with our national heritage.”


Civilized societies are distinguished by the protections they afford their weakest and most vulnerable members, and our government acts its noblest when it speaks for those who have no voice. The Church's teaches us  that each and every human life has inherent dignity, and thus must be treated with the respect due to a human person.  This is the foundation for the Church's entire social doctrine, including  Her teachings on abortion, on war, the use of capital punishment, euthanasia and assisted suicide, health care, poverty and immigration.  Certainly it must be with this principle in mind that we as Catholics reflect upon public policy issues like immigration.

The Church also fully understands the need for safety and security for our nation and its borders.  However, we cannot simply ignore the reality that 65 million people including 8 million children are fleeing violence, terrorism, religious and political persecution, and warfare across the world. We should be proud as Catholics that our Church  is the largest organization in the country to resettle refugees from various countries.  This includes the work of our own Diocesan Office of Refugee Services. I urge you to read the Bishop’s statement and pray for refugees. This is a crisis that calls for prayer and serious reflection by Catholics.


Meanwhile at the RI Statehouse, Planned Parenthood and its pro-abortion allies had a small rally to introduce one of the most radical pro-abortion bills in the nation.  They claim that 37 RI Representatives co-signed House Bill 5343 that codifies the killing of the unborn in state law.  The bill would  prevent any ban of the gruesome and evil practice of Partial Birth Abortion and allow for abortions to take place up until the birth of the baby.  H5343 also removes all state regulation of  RI abortion mills by the RI Department of Health.


This is an extreme bill that radically expands abortion on demand and deregulates the abortion industry. It must be stopped! I am grateful that  RI State Representative Anthony Girarrusso of East Greenwich opposes the bill and is faithfully pro-life!  I commend him for having the courage of his moral convictions as a Catholic.  However, if you live in districts in either Warwick or North Kingstown, two newly elected RI Representatives, Julie Casimiro and Evan Shanley, both co-sponsored the bill and rallied with the abortionists from Planned Parenthood.  I urge you to call them and tell them NO on House Bill 5343.  There is  information in the bulletin that explains the bill and provides their contact information. Stand up for the unborn and be the voice of the voiceless!!!!

Be well. Do good. God Bless.