Dear Parishioners:                                

We had a great showing for Devotions on Monday night.  Fr. Shemek was very pleased so many old friends and meet some new ones.  His reflection about the Black Madonna of Czestochowa was very well received and informative.  I thank him for traveling all the way from Tiverton to be with us.              

Grille the Priests Panel:  Fr. Nicanor Austriacho,OP; Fr. Brian Morris; Fr. Joshua Barrow; Fr. Adam Young and Fr. David Gaffney.

Grille the Priests Panel:  Fr. Nicanor Austriacho,OP; Fr. Brian Morris; Fr. Joshua Barrow; Fr. Adam Young and Fr. David Gaffney.

On this past Wednesday night we gathered for the Grill the Priest Night at 1149 Restaurant with a sell out crowd.  It was a very enjoyable and informative evening exploring the Catholic Faith.  I am grateful for the OLM School PTG members who worked so hard to make the evening such a success. 

Also I thank my brother priests, Fr. Gaffney, Fr. Young, Fr. Morris and Fr. Austriacho who made up the panel along with Fr. Barrow and myself.  We hope to do this again next fall as it is always a terrific event.

This Monday at Devotions we are joined by our Confirmation Class along with their sponsors and families.  We are offering our Rosary for these young men and women as they continue to prepare to receive the Sacrament on November 5th. Fr. Chris Murphy, the Chaplain at Bishop Hendricken High School, is to offer a reflection on Mary, Queen of Confessors.


As always in this month of October there are two priests available for Confession on Monday from 6:00pm until 6:45pm.  Following this Monday’s Devotions our 88 Confirmation Candidates, their sponsors and familieshave the chance to go to Confession.  There are to be six priests available following the Devotions. I hope join us at Monday’s Devotions as we pray for these young people of OLM.  They are the future of our Church and parish and most certainly need our prayers. 

Over the last few weeks Fr. Barrow and I have met personally with each candidate and their parents. These meetings are always instructive and helpful for us as priests and also for the Confirmation families.  I know that this is a terrific group of young Catholic adults who are to be confirmed next month.

Bishop James Checchio of Metuchen at Confirmation Mass in New Jersey.

Bishop James Checchio of Metuchen at Confirmation Mass in New Jersey.

I am very grateful to my friend, Bishop James Checchio of Metuchen, New Jersey, who is travelling up to RI to celebrate the OLM Confirmation Mass on November 5th.  Before becoming a bishop, Bishop Checchio served as the Rector of the North American College in Rome where both Fr. Connors and Fr. Barrow were his students. He was ordained the Bishop of Metuchen in May 2016.  We look forward to his presence atour Confirmation this year.

Pope Francis reminds us about Confirmation when he stated:  “Confirmation unites us more firmly to Christ. It strengthens our relationship with the Church, and it gives us a special strength from the Holy Spirit to defend the faith and confess the name of Christ.” Let us continue to pray the Sacrament unites our young adults “more firmly to Christ” and may they always confess His sacred name in their lives!

This Friday from 5:30pm until 8:00pm the OLM School students are gathering in the School Parking Lot for the Annual Trunk or Treat Celebration. Fr. Barrow and I are decorating my car once again for the event. My trunk is to be filled with full sized, old fashion, American candy bars!  It is always a great night with some interesting and creative decorating of cars and costumes.  It’s hard to believe but Halloween is nearly here! 


Recently a new state law went into effect that mandates that an automated external defibrillator (AED) must be placed in public view at any public gathering space that can hold 300 or more people We presently have an AED in our school building and one in the Church Sacristy. However, they are old and in need of updating.

We hope to replace them with more modern versions and mount the new AEDS in a more public location both in Church and in School.  They are very expensive items that cost as much as $1,500 a piece and we need four AEDs for our parish.  If anyone would like to help us purchase these life saving devices, please contact me. Once the new AEDs are in place weplan to offer a training session in their use for our ushers, faculty and anyone else interested in learning how to use them. 

Come to Monday Devotions and join us as we pray for our Confirmation Class. It’s worth the 30 minutes!! Do good. Be well. God Bless! Go Pats!