Dear Parishioners:   

Labor Day has passed and with it the summer vacation! School is now underway everywhere in the state and collegians have returned to their dorm rooms.  It’s hard to believe that September is well underway already, where did the summer go??!                                                          

On Friday Bishop Evans celebrated the Opening Mass of the School Year for our parish school.  It was an a great way to renew ourselves spiritually for the new school year on the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Our excellent faculty including a few new teachers were solemnly installed.  We prayed together for the school, the faculty and staff, students and families.                       

We also recognized at the Mass the special anniversaries of two special people at OLM. Sister Lourdes celebrated 25 years of profession as a Franciscan Apostolic Sister in August and last weekend Sister Jeanne Barry celebrated 60 years as Religious Sister of Mercy.  We thank them for their continued faithful witness to the Evangelical Counsels.                 

On Monday we begin a new event in the life of Our Lady of Mercy Parish.  Our FirstOLM Golf Tournament at Quidnessestt Country Club. We are grateful to those who are playing in the tournament.  It should be a fun filled day of golf and fellowship. We thank all who sponsored the event.              

Next week’s Second Collection is for the Senior Priests Retirement Fund.  This important collection helps to defray the costs of pensions for our Senior Priests. You have always been generous in supporting this crucial collection for priests and I thank you in advance for your generosity.  For the record, I won’t receive the modest priest pension until the year 2040 and Fr. Barrow until the year 2064!!!                           


We continue to pray for the many victims of Hurricane Harvey.  The devastation and destruction of property is costly but the death of so many due to the storm is so terribly tragic.  Let us continue to pray for the repose of the souls of those who died as we also pray for those still suffering.  For those who wish to help the Hurricane Harvey Relief, we encourage your support of September’s OLM Outreach collection. If you wish to support the relief effort, I ask you to please make a check payable to OLM Outreach and place it in an envelope marked“Hurricane Relief.” Simply place the envelope in the collection basket during the month of September.  As always I thank you for your generous support!      

We’ve all seen the utter devastation and destruction in Texas.  However, what has been more impressive is the response of kindness and compassion offered to strangers from so many.  Such charity and civility has been lacking in our society for many years now.  The last time I witnessed such a tremendous outpouring of compassion and service was following the September 11th attacks upon our nation.                   

Sadly we recall that somber anniversary on Monday.  It has been sixteen years since that fateful day on which so many died at the hands of madmen.  Sadly many still suffer loss and grief and we continue to be a nation at war with terror. But the response of charity and service following September 11thshould serve as a reminder of what we can truly be in this nation.  When tragedy strikes, we respond not with fear and loathing but with courage and compassion.  Let us pray that the great spirit of service and charity witnessed sixteen years ago inspires us to recommit to such courage and compassion again!                           


I am reminded of the words of Timothy Cardinal Dolan on the Tenth Anniversary of September 11th. He stated:      “We came together across religious, political, social and ethnic lines to stand as one people to heal wounds and defend against terrorism. As we face today's challenges of people out of work, families struggling, and the continuing dangers of wars and terrorism, let us summon the 9/11 spirit of unity to confront our challenges. Let us pray that the lasting legacy of 9/11 is not fear, but rather hope for a world renewed. May we resolve to put aside our
differences and join together in the task of renewing our nation and world.”                                            

Good words to reflect on for the anniversary of 9/11 and the recent events in Texas.  Pray for all victims and all those still suffering.  Do good. Be well. God Bless! Go Sox! Go Pats!!!