Dear Parishioners:                          
It was a beautiful celebration at last Sundayโ€™s 10:30AM Mass with the newly ordained Father Tim Deely.  His celebration of a Mass of Thanksgiving here at OLM was solemn and reverent.  It is always  a very prayerful and  joyful experience to receive a First Blessing from a newly ordained priest.  When  a newly ordained  priest offers an individual his first priestly blessing it  is  an  opportunity  for  the  faithful   to  gain  a  plenary  indulgence. Holy  Mother  Church  updated  this  tradition  by  granting a  plenary  indulgence  to  all  first  Masses and Masses of Thanksgiving the newly ordained priest  celebrates.   Also an additional grace may be gained from receiving the First Blessing of a newly ordained priest. 
First Blessings are customarily given when first Masses are celebrated, but they may be given up to a full year after ordination.  Upon  receiving  the blessing, it is the tradition to kiss the palms of the newly ordained priest in recognition of the sacred character of   his   priesthood   and   of   the   hands   that   now   hold   the   Eucharist   and   confer   the   sacraments. We thank Fr. Deely for celebrating a Mass of Thanksgiving  here at OLM and also for conferring his First Blessings upon the many who came forward after the Mass.  It is a great occasion of grace for our parish to host such a joyous occasion.  We offer Fr. Deely our gratitude and thanks.  Pray for him as he begins his priestly duties in Pittsburgh


Speaking of โ€œFirstsโ€, this week marks the First Day of School at OLM School and in both the Warwick and East Greenwich Public Schools. Sadly for teachers and students summer has ended!  Although I suspect we might spy quite a few smiling parents at OLM!  Pray for all the students and teachers returning to school this week.  May they grow in faith, hope, love and wisdom! May our Blessed Mother lay her mantle of love and protection upon them all!

We are excited to begin another school year at OLM School.  Once again our weekdays resound with the sounds of happy children heading to school and playing outside at recess while our school corridors resound with the sounds of math, science, religion, English, history, Spanish, music and prayer! This year we welcome our new OLM School Principal, Mr. Patrick H. McNabb, along with several new faculty members.  Our OLM School teachers are among the finest in the Catholic School System in the Diocese!  They are dedicated  professionals who are very dutiful and make great sacrifices to teach in our school.  But best of all, they strive to live the Mission of OLM School in developing our future Saints and Scholars!  I thank them for their dedication and professionalism.

I ask you to pray for them this week as they take up their classroom duties.  They begin this week with a Faculty Retreat on Monday at St. Edmunds Retreat Center on Enders Island in Mystic, CT.  Dominican Father James Sullivan, OP, the Pastor of St. Pius V School in Providence, is leading the retreat.  I know it will be a fruitful time and provide the necessary spiritual formation to being the school year. 


Of course OLM School would never be the great success it truly is without our terrific little Saints and Scholars. They are always so eager to learn more about their subjects but also learn more about Jesus Christ and His Church.  They begin and end every day with prayer, come to weekly Mass, and perform many works of mercy and charity.  Best of all they get to do so in a loving Catholic community where truth is taught and virtues are honored!  Welcome back OLM School Students!

We thank their parents who make the choice to send their children to our parish school and sacrifice to ensure a first class Catholic Education.  With a tremendous new principal, an excellent faculty, our eager students and committed parents, OLM School is truly a great school and I thank them all for making it so!

Next Sunday, September 1st  the 5:00PM Sunday Evening Mass returns to the weekly schedule.  Spread the word abut this and let your family and friends know! It is yet another chance to get to Mass on Sunday! Be well. Do Good. God Bless!  Go Sox????!! Go Pats! Oremus pro invicem!