Rally for Life at Planned Parenthood22 August 2015 Address by Father Ryan Connors

It is so great to see so many here standing for the cause of human life.

ryan a ppIn my view, the Holy Father Pope Francis has given us the words that best describe the horrors that happen in this place. The Pope says a society of abortion-on-demand is a “throw-away culture.”

The unimaginable evil which brings us all here today comes from a “throw-away culture.” It is a culture where children are discarded—thrown to the side. It is a culture where they are sold and exchanged for profit. A “throw-away culture” is the only explanation for those who discuss in callous detail the killing of children.

A “throw-away culture” is where the weak are marginalized and the unborn cast aside. It is the opposite of the culture envisioned by Jesus of Nazareth.

We seek a culture where the strong protect the weak; a culture where the voiceless are given voice and the small are looked after. It is a culture that says everybody is a some-body. Because every child, at every stage, in every place has a dignity and a destiny beyond our imagining.

We are encouraged today by the witness of so many who speak in defense of human life. We are encouraged especially by the words and example of Bishop Tobin, a courageous and tireless defender of the dignity of human life.pp rally

Scripture says where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. Our nation has seen the evil of abortion on full display. But the God of life will draw good from evil; He alone redeems.

Might these images—the horrors we have seen in recent weeks—might they lead to conversion, a change of heart for those cold to the suffering of the unborn? Might our nation no longer ignore the horror of abortion?

The Church stands ready to receive with open arms all those hurt and wounded by abortion. The God of mercy and love stands ready to forgive and to convert our “throw-away culture” into a culture of life and a civilization of love.